Different models of Viols,

or as we call it in Spanish, Vihuela de Arco (bowed vihuela).


  Vihuela de arco or Viol is the name given to a musical instrument that developed
along four hundred years after its birth in the Kingdom of Valencia (1).

 At the end of the XV century viol makers were still part of the guild of joiners (all of those who worked with wood) before founding their own instrument makers guild.

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 mestres de molins farines e drapers e arquers mestres de orgues e de címbol e clavicímbol e monacort e

aquells que fan e obren les postes de cadires de cordes e los serradors de fusta. (2)



  Later, the Catholic King and Queen ordered to write down rules to regulate among others, the guild of the violeros, first in Seville in 1502, and then, with some modifications, in many other cities, Seville 1527, Granada 1552, Malaga 1556, Mexico 1568, Lisbon 1572, Madrid 1576 and more throughout century XVI. (3)

<>  Along its long life, the viol has had different shapes, sizes, tuning and roles.
<>  We should look for a model thinking of  what kind of music will we use it for. Having that in mind, we should seek for an instrument that suits our taste.

  There are some models and building techniques that work better for different uses given to the instrument. Decoration will be in accordance with the model and the period.

[VIOLONE] ['/']

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The sound of the instrumnet will depend on setting, kind osf strings and the bow used.  

Gimp´d /wound strings

The bow